Other Projects

The Autism Community Center of Asheville

This was a resource center for people with autism, and their families. It was thrilling for me to design programming for this exciting place. Our activity groups allowed people to do high-interest stuff, with other people who like similar things. Also, it was my job to go hiking, cook, and play video games with kids… How cool is that!?

The Adventure Zone

This is a cool outdoor ‘activity trail’, that I designed for the Cradle of Forestry, while I worked for the Autism Society of North Carolina. It is autism-friendly, and visitors can make a visual schedule of stuff to do, use a trail map, and look at clearly-written directions at each activity station. Learn more at The Adventure Zone website.

Family Consulting

I’ve worked privately for many families in Michigan, New York, Washington, and North Carolina. Each of them is unique, brave, compassionate, and in varying states of overwhelmed. I salute them all.