A New Kind of Listening

I really like the idea that we could be multi-lingual listeners in a multi-dimensional way.  Check out this cool idea:

A New Kind of Listening is a moving documentary about an experimental theater group that includes people who are non-speaking as a result of significant disabilities. The group meets weekly for a year;  together they create an original and compelling performance piece.  The film also tells the story of one member’s intense life-long struggle to communicate.

Join our grassroots campaign for community inclusive arts by simply watching our film with your family, friends, classmates, or organization.  This film has the power to change your mind, and screening A New Kind of Listening promotes new ways of thinking about disability, intelligence, and what it takes to be heard.

A New Kind of Listening is a resource and catalyst for building more inclusive communities. The film demonstrates how people with and without disabilities can work together creatively and have deeply meaningful friendships.

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