Holiday Gift-Making Party!


Common Holiday Scenario in Autismville:

Parent: Ok, let’s pick out a gift for Mama
ASD child: NO. I want elmo/thomas/Xbox 360!
Parent: Yes, I know. At Christmas we give gifts to other people. What would Mama like?
ASD child: I don’t know.
Parent: Well, do you want to get her this necklace?
ASD child: No.

This scenario is even more awkward for a single parent attempting to help their child pick out or make a gift for them.

This year, Empower Autism is hosting an alternative method for gift-giving. We are structuring the gift process so that kids create presents for their parents with the help of our volunteers. They help wrap them up, label them and bring them back to their parents (who are munching snacks and socializing in another room if they wish).

When: Sunday Dec 11th 3-5pm
Where: UNCA (New Hall room 118)
Cost: $5/child
Please RSVP via email if you would like to attend. Let us know how many adults and kids to expect.

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