Cognitive Media and Autism

Ben Mason is an NC local with a creative designer with a unique mind. I’m impressed with the way he expresses his ideas. Check out his new paper on cognitive media!

Here is a portion of his paper that I like:

Milestones in informative artifacts, such as the advent of
written language, have introduced new cultural and social
dynamics to the human race. From the womb to the grave,
the things that we are close to, that we experience
conversantly, contribute continually in defining who we are
as individuals (Myers, 2008). As more becomes virtual,
augmented through digital technology, new media have an
increasing impact on personal thought and expression
(Schniederman Et Al., 2006). These shifting information
platforms also accompany new modes of interpersonal
development, challenging the relative boundaries and
assumptions of cognitive ability and disability. Building on
our genetics, our exposure to richer environments and peers
elaborate not only our personal potential, but act deeply on
the cultivation of our in-born humanity (Bandura, 1986).
When these processes break down, as in the socio-cognitive
disabilities of autism spectrum disorders, we see that they
reflect the core of our behavior, touching the patterns of our
neurons and the very architecture of our brains.

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Thanks for sending me the paper, and letting me post it, Ben!

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