Adult Autism Symposium in Chattanooga, Tennessee!

Scott Kramer Scott Kramer, MSEd, is the Program Director/Founder of the GCA Centre for Adult Autism (a program of the Chattanooga Autism Center). He is coordinating the Inaugural Tri-State Adult Autism Symposium in Chattanooga, TN in July 2017! It looks awesome! Use this link to read more about the Adult Autism Symposium!

Scott is also a speaker for our Empower Autism conference in April in Asheville, NC.


Educate adults on the autism spectrum, their parents & caregivers, and others
about Autism Spectrum Disorders regarding adult autism issues
Present the latest studies and findings about empirically-based strategies and
Advance the skills of professionals and others who work with the autism community
Help connect autistic adults, their parents/caregivers, professionals, and others
Showcase autism-related service providers and help them connect with those seeking
services and also collaborate with other organizations in our community and

This conference is intended for adults on the autism spectrum, their parents/caregivers, professionals who work with this population, researchers, and other interested individuals to attend the Symposium. This is a first-year, inaugural event, and we expect 135 to 165 people to attend.
Participants can choose from 11 different sessions (including two sessions of an employment autism symposium). Topics range from employment, independent living, social relationships/skills, health and wellness, autism and society, latest research findings, medical issues, transitions, support systems, preparing for life after school, and much more.
Approximately 40 autism-related organizations will exhibit at this event. Attendees can visit exhibitors before the workshops start, between workshops, during lunch, or during workshops. People can make great connections and find new resources among all these great vendors.

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