“Sylvia helped me find and get a job in the tech industry.I worked service jobs for years and always wanted to move into tech but never could figure out how to start.”
– Nick, 27

“Empower Autism was the reason I graduated. I was failing classes and was very depressed. They helped me get organized and start using campus resources.”
– Mark, 22

“Since we’ve partnered with  Empower Autism, we feel we have an ally. Somebody who is outside the system, but knows how to work within the system on our behalf.”
– Cheri

“Since we’ve partnered with Empower Autism,  we have so much more peace and confidence that we’re providing the best possible care for our teenage daughter.”
– Cheri

“Empower Autism has been invaluable to my family. We’ve had many transitions to work through (holidays, non-typical days) and each and every time they have been timely, helpful, efficient and effective. They are proactive as well reminding me of things I need to focus on before they occur to me! Empower Autism Works for me!”
– Elizabeth

“I’m really glad about how he is doing right now.  I know times can get tough with Mark, but you have made a huge difference!  Thanks so much.”
– Sue

“We will never forget your kindness in helping Tiff gain the confidence she needs to move her life in a positive direction.”
– Sylvia R.


“I wanted to thank you for a terrific workshop.  You and your colleague are a great team.  Your combination of factual information, clear examples and case anecdotes, and your sense of humor are a winning combination.  I could have sat there all day.”
– Anne Jerman, PMHCNS-BC
Manager, Copestone

“The entire staff would definitely benefit from your training.  And, not just to work with patients on the spectrum.  Almost everything that was offered would be helpful with the majority of our patients, would make their day better and would make the work for the staff easier.”
– Anne Jerman, PMHCNS-BC
Manager, Copestone

“Thank you for a wonderful program.  It was so nice to have something with information that can be utilized today.  I find this subject fascinating, and often look back to think of people in my past who were “odd” and wonder how the increased knowledge of this disorder would have affected their lives.  My daughter, who is a teacher, is also very interested in this disorder, so I will share some of your “Words of Wisdom” with her.”
– Cheryl Krause BSN, RN-BC
Director, Student Health Services, Albion College

“Sylvia van Meerten and Empower Autism were the creators of the Dragonfly Forest residential summer camp and after school program for children with Autism.   Their involvement is why we have received national attention for our programs from organizations such as CNN.com and Time.come.”
– Fred Weiner
President, Dragonfly Forest

“Agency Collaboration is the key to the success of a child on the autism spectrum.  Empower Autism has been able to bridge  gaps of services between agencies during one of the most significant mental health shifts that North Carolina has ever seen.”
– Joe Yurchak
Regional Director, Autism Society of North Carolina