20 Year-old with Aspergers feels too Isolated

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Dear Sylvia,
My 20 year old with asperger’s is having issues meeting people and making friends. He goes to the community college but does not have the skills needed to make friends. He really enjoys history, libraries and traveling. He likes to watch wrestling and the ghost hunter shows on tv.
–Ready for Suggestions

Dear Ready,
I share your distress that there are not more helpful programs for adults on the spectrum. Does your 20 year old understand and accept his or her diagnosis? If so, you could start by sending him/her an email with the video below (of an adult discussing how Aspergers affects him socially in professional and academic settings).

Before you write your email, read our handout on written explanations, and gather your thoughts. I suggest something like, “This video reminded me of you. I’d like to help you make and keep some friends if you want to. Here is what I think we could do:

  • Join the National Railway Historical Society (or some other history club)
  • Contact the History Department at Western Carolina and see what events or clubs they have to offer
  • Join the bookclub at the Canton Library
  • If we meet anyone we like at these clubs, we can see if they ever would want to come over and watch ghost hunters on TV.
    Is it OK with you if we try these things?”

    I hope this helps! Let me know how it goes
    . –Sylvia


    1. Emily September 30, 2012 7:48 pm  Reply

      what advice would you give for young people who do not accept their diagnosis?

      • Empower Autism October 1, 2012 4:20 am  Reply

        Thanks for the question, Emily. It’s a good one. I might actually write the exact same email, but include this website instead. It doesn’t always matter if people accept any definition that other folks give them–as long as you can still help folks who are unhappy become more happy. –Sylvia

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